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(281) 783-3040

Revu​e Construction LLC

 Experience.  Building.

Revue Construction LLC is a General/Sub Commercial Contractor that has been in business in the Houston area since 2004.  Revu accepts Subcontract Work for GCs as well. 

Revue Our Promise

To provide our clients with the best Transfermation Experience. We're delivering projects on time and under budget.  We've taken O&P Outta the Picture! Revu Construction LLC is dedicated to completing your project with the utmost care and precision, on time every time.

Revue Our Technology

With the latest in Computerized Construction Software(Bluebeam Revu©), and up-to-date Take-Off Software(Stack CT),  Estimating to Delivery is precise and Scheduling is on point and on time. We compare national average pricing (RS Means, Gordian) to give you the Lowest Estimate every time.

Revue Our On-Site Surveillance


 24-hour Project Monitoring and Security (via Drone) Sites are updated weekly.  You can view your Project from anywhere from any device anytime.  Just log in and monitor your project from anywhere. (New)

 With experience and expert Solution-Oriented Client Satisfaction, we bring your project to life ... right before your eyes!

Revue Construction LLC

Experience.  Building.

Revue our On-Site Surveillance

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